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Who is Home Stepper?

Home Stepper is a new home buying scheme set up to work alongside national, regional and local house builders. We transform private sale homes into more affordable properties - with lower deposits and more manageable mortgage requirements. 

Why choose Home Stepper?

Home Stepper removes the need to save a huge deposit and lets you step onto the property ladder sooner than you ever thought possible. You can also choose to staircase, buying more shares of your home right up to 100%

FAQs rrrr

Shared ownership

The Shared Ownership scheme is a ‘part buy, part rent’ way of owning your own home for a smaller upfront payment – making it easier for first time buyers to get on the property ladder. ‘Part Buy, Part Rent’ is a way of owning your home. This simply means you buy a share (or ‘part’) of the home e.g. you own 40%, which will require funding, normally by a mortgage. On the remaining 60% share, you will then pay a subsidised rent – this means you are purchasing a leasehold house or flat.
This will depend on your financial circumstances. Note that you are expected to buy the largest share of the property you can reasonably afford. The initial share values available are usually a minimum of 25% and a maximum 75%.
Not sure what you can afford to buy with Shared Ownership? Our shared ownership calculator will help you to look at monthly costs for buying and owning a home with Shared Ownership.

Living In Your Shared Ownership Home

Yes, you can increase your share in a Shared Ownership home through a process known as ‘staircasing’, allowing you to own more of the property as and when you can afford to do so. However, there may be some restrictions on this so please check with our team for specific developments or homes.
While you’re welcome to buy with another person, Shared Ownership does not mean you have to share the ownership of the property.